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B’rit Yisrael School News

The education of our youth, from pre-k to 6th grade, is twofold.


The first is for teaching the basics necessary for participation

in a Jewish life in the home including information on ritual, Shabbat, dietary laws, calendar, and life cycle events.


The second is to enable our youth to take their place in a congregation by teaching them Hebrew, prayer, early history and topics touching on God and service culminating usually in a bar or bat mitzvah. 


After 6th grade, our goal is to prepare Jewish youth for their role as citizens of the Jewish World with knowledge and experiences often neglected in the public school curriculum. These additional learning experiences will provide a deeper understanding of Judaism and Israel and help students cope better with personal religious development as they enter the next phase of their lives as teens.


The 7-9th grade curriculum will help students clarify what it means to be Jewish and to live a Jewish life. To that end, we have devised a new three year curriculum with the idea of providing both intellectual and hands-on experiences that will hopefully aid students in tackling the difficult questions of identity and the role of Jews, Judaism and Israel in

the world today.


Elissa GoldbergBelle