Temple Israel

Chevra Kadisha

“The highest act of gemilut chesed (deeds of lovingkindness) is that which is done for the dead, for there can never be any thought of repayment.”

Our Chevra Kadisha is always on call to carry out the sacred task of preparing the deceased for burial. We also manage Temple Israel’s burial section at Oak Ridge Cemetery, located on the north side of Springfield Illinois and the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln.

Temple Israel owns its own burial tract which is divided into two areas: the original Orthodox section, and the newer Congregational section. The principal difference is that a non-Jewish spouse can be buried in the Congregational section, as can cremated remains. Tahara, the ritual purification of the dead, is required for burial in the Orthodox section, and is encouraged but not mandatory for burial in the Congregational section. The price for each burial permit is $900.00, and Oak Ridge charges $100.00 for registration purposes.

We strongly encourage all members of the congregation to select and purchase their own burial permits well in advance. This will be a great gift to your loved ones.

To purchase burial permits or to volunteer to assist with the ritual preparations for burial, please contact the Chevra Kadisha Chairman, Erin Sabath, at asnaleah@sbcglobal.net.